MİZAR AC Series is designed for reduction with shred all kinds of cables, electronic cards, (WEE), radiators, plastics, woods and tires. The reinforced structure with Hardox armor of MİZAR AC shredders is able to absorb any shock and can easily withstand even heavy-duty works. Special process and hardness “UDDEHOLM” Sweden blades provides maximum performance. Continuous feeding of the rotor is performed with the hydraulic push-button connected to the PLC soſtware and the bar and rotor rpm settings can be adjusted simply from the touch-screen control panel according to the material to be processed. If granules are pushed behind of rotor and blades, rotor starts turnabout with smart soſtware and remove problem. Italian Industrial Helical-Geared Units with oil cooling, Water cooling shaſt and roller bearings extend the life of the machine. MİZAR AC Series can work single or can combination with MİZAR CU, EC and R Series and provides perfect service in a smart automatic system with a heavy-type magnetic magnet conveyor band. In the MİZAR AC Series, Sweden “SKF” brand heat-resistant bearings were used. All electrical / electronic equipments are “SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER” and hydraulic system is “BOSCH REXROTH”. According to product capacities AC500, AC800 and AC1200 are three models. CE and EAC certificates are available.
  • Productivity %99,6
  • System Guarantee
  • Profit %200
AC500 AC800 AC1200
ENGİNE 55 kW 75 kW 90 kW
 ROTOR DIAMETER 280 Ø 330 Ø 400 Ø
ROTOR LENGTH 500 mm 800 mm 1.200
BLADES 39 56 68
LENGTH 1.500 mm 2.000 mm 2.500 mm
WIDTH 1.200 mm 1.800 mm 2.000 mm
HEIGHT 2.200 mm 2.600 mm 3.300 mm
WEIGHT 2.500 Kg 4.000 Kg 7.800 Kg


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